[Gluster-users] bigfix in 3.0.5

Tejas N. Bhise tejas at gluster.com
Mon Jul 19 18:06:05 UTC 2010

Hi Joe,

Yes. We mark it in the target release field. If it had not make to 3.0.5, the target release would be deferred to a future release. the other thing that you can use to check is the "regression" field. RTP means regression test passed.

The bottom of the bug text also shows the patches that were used to fix it.

The "tarball" release of 3.0.5 is out there. The rpm release is about to happen, we want to repackage and get the IB package out as a separate rpm, not many use IB - should be released soon.

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Hey there,


Can I check if
http://bugs.gluster.com/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=868 made it
into 3.0.5?


Kind regards


  -- joe.


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