[Gluster-users] Odd issue with apache 2.2.15 and glusterfs git 3.1.0git

Alex/AT alex at net13.info
Wed Jul 14 17:30:45 UTC 2010

> I seem to be getting partial 206 erros on images when I serve web  
> content from a glusterfs fuse mount. It happens to all images it appears.
> I don't see any errors in the logs for gluster.
> I have taken the exact image, copied it to tmp, and added a symlink from  
> the glusterfs to the hard mount point and the apache server will serve  
> it.
> Am I missing anything to get apache to serve content from a glusterfs?
> Scratching my head on this one.

Probably not a GlusterFS issue. I am serving three sites and a forum from  
GlusterFS, and everything is OK.

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