[Gluster-users] client crash on RHEL 6 beta

Nick t32 at 2thebatcave.com
Thu Jul 8 16:08:42 UTC 2010

Excellent.  I added the following to the top of the %build section in
my SPEC file (which I copied verbatim from the latest fedora spec file

# Temp disable stack-protector until upstream fixes code
CFLAGS=`echo "%optflags"|sed 's/-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2/-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=1/'`

Now it seems to work peachy.  Haven't done any stress tests yet but at
least it doesn't crash right off the bat :)

On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 11:37 PM, Amar Tumballi <amar at gluster.com> wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> This looks like an issue with compile flags of gcc. we have a bug open for
> this.
> http://bugs.gluster.com/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=197
> This issue is hard to fix with 3.0.x release, and will not be valid in 3.1.x
> (ie, we won't see this bug in 3.1.x) as we changed protocol to RPC/XDR
> format.
> Please compile GlusterFS without stack-protection and fortyfy options..
> Regards,
> Amar

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