[Gluster-users] Realistic mirror performance expectations?

Nick t32 at 2thebatcave.com
Tue Jul 6 21:07:25 UTC 2010

I'm currently evaluating glusterfs to see if it will work for our
needs.  I've setup a little test environment with 3 fairly fast
machines and 4 raid devices.  When using gigabit ethernet between the
3 systems, I get about 14%-20% performance (vs using the filesystem
locally) on large files and about .5%-17% performance on small files.
I used bonnie++ for benchmarking.  Since these numbers were so low and
I wanted to know if infiniband would help (although I don't have any
infiniband hardware), I set it all up on one machine using unix
sockets to get rid of as much network stuff in the middle as possible.
 Doing this bumps the performance up for large files to about 33%, but
small file operations are still quite pitiful.

Before we get into "Did you do x?" or whatever as far as tweaking
goes, I really just want to find out what sort of performance is
possible using glusterfs with the replication functionality.  If I'm
not going to be able to get something resonable, then I don't want to
spend any more time trying to tweak it.  What I am looking for is a
system that has complete redundancy on the file server end (e.g. a
server node or raid can fail and operations can still be going on),
without taking what I consider to be a huge performance hit.  I think
even getting about 50% of the performance of what the disk could give
locally would be acceptable, and could be compensated with adding more
nodes and raids.

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