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Andy Pace APace at singlehop.com
Sat Jul 3 16:46:48 UTC 2010

Not to go off topic too much but what was your problem with gluster and xen?

I'm preparing to roll out a rather large xen based product and utilize gluster to store the sparse image files for each instance.

Haven't ran into many issues yet, so I'm just wondering if you know something I don't :)

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I have been a long time Gluster fan however I gave up on it about a year 
ago when it just was not working out for xen, so I moved to NetApp. I now 
am looking at offering storage as a service and NetApp just can't scale or 
offer the price point needed.

I would love to hear feedback from users who are running large amounts of 
data on GlusterFS.

I want to scale to hundreds of notes, but starting small at first. Looking 
at 5 cites with the following:

8 servers:

Dual Xeon X5680 3.3 GHz
3Ware 9750-8i 6 Gb/s
32 2TB drives RAID 6 + hot spare
Mellanox MHGS18 10 Gb/s Infiniband

Each server will have raw 60 TB of space and two servers will be unified 
together for redundancy. Pairs of servers will be distributed into one 
240 TB volume in each city. The plan needs to scale to 4 PB in each within 
1 year.

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