[Gluster-users] Cant connect from windows client

sandeep dude sandeepvfx2006 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 18:00:42 UTC 2010

Hi Friends,

Installed both 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 Glusterfs on an Asus M2N68AM and M3A78EM
which has onboard realtek and nvidia ethernet. Everything got installed and
vols were created successfully but i cant get connected to the shared folder
im entering the ip as and im trying to type  in the command in
run as  \\\e and unable to connect can u tell me what would be
wrong with this setup... i tried both but nothing was working. I got pretty
impressed by the gluster capabilities but unfortunate that i can use it...
Im plugging this in an 10/100 ethernet switch....

I believe anything wrong with the speeds? or the speed of the switch? Im
using the xp64 I tried to access from xp32bit also  but no use...
no errors or warnings or in the log everything is smooth but cant get

can anybody guide me please?


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