[Gluster-users] Looking for a Stable Solution

Benjamin Hudgens bhudgens at photodex.com
Fri Jan 15 17:08:26 UTC 2010

Hello --


Thus far we have made several attempts at bringing a stable gluster
solution online.  I 'need' Gluster to work for me.  It is the only
solution I have found that perfectly fits the mold of a file system we
desperately need to implement (without code changes).


Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful at getting Gluster to stay
stable.  Most notably one-or-more of the client daemons will crash
leaving Linux thinking it still has a mount point but when things access
that mount point nobody is home.


Before I invest additional time into troubleshooting I was hoping
someone would indicate if they have a stable version running.  If yes,
which flavor of linux are you running on?  We have been using Debian.
Compile is clean yet still crashes.  We have tried version 2.04, 2.08,
3.0, 3.0.1 (I think), or whatever this latest one was.  I'd like to
start with someone else's stable setup and go from there.


For testing we are doing the following:


Machine A runs a server distributing 3 drives

Machine A runs a client accessing those 3 drives (Drive A-1)

Machine B-E run servers with distributed/replicated drives

Machine A runs a client accessing B-E (Drive A-2)


I currently mount a samba share onto Machine A and run tons of rsyncs
against the local client/server (Drive A-1).  I then run that same rsync
from Drive A-1 -> Drive A-2.


Again, before any investment would be made sending debug
information/troubleshooting... I was hoping someone would simply suggest
the most stable scenario to run GlusterFS in.  We will make adjustments
accordingly and start from scratch.


Thanks you for any assistance provided!


Kind Regards,




Benjamin Hudgens

Director of Information Technology

Photodex Corporation


www.photodex.com <http://www.photodex.com/> 

bhudgens at photodex.com <mailto:bhudgens at photodex.com> 

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