[Gluster-users] maxing out cpu

Dave Hall dave.hall at skwashd.com
Fri Jan 8 08:04:12 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-01-08 at 04:07 +0400, Raghavendra G wrote:
> it seems that the file attached is not complete. callgrind_annotate
> does not show the call tree. Can you rerun glusterfs on valgrind and
> send the new callgrind output? You can check whether callgrind output
> is correct by using callgrind_annotate.

I am not sure what I did wrong.  I am happy to try again, but I want to
make sure I do it right.  Last time I just followed these instructions
from Shehjar.

> $ valgrind --tool=callgrind <path-to-glusterfs> -f
> <path-to-client-volfile> -L NONE --no-daemon <client-mount-point>
> This will run the glusterfs process in the foreground while you
> can access the mount point from a different shell session.
> You can then monitor the CPU while this is running and press
> CTRL+C for valgrind once the high CPU usage phase has passed.
> Then mail us the *.out file generated by valgrind.



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