[Gluster-users] two node glusterfs with afr and dedicated replication interface?

Moore, Michael Michael.Moore at lifetech.com
Thu Feb 25 02:00:29 UTC 2010

I would recommend that you try running this with just single links at first before you go to bonding.  
I've been using bonding (balanced-alb - Mode 6), and I have been finding some strange lag for "stat" 
operations like "ls", etc.  I did a test with only single links and it appears to have better performance.
If you find that you are saturating the single links, then explore the bonded links/faster interconnects.  

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i want to setup a two node glusterfs with afr;
my servers have 4x 1gb interfaces build in, so i thought if it is 
possible to connect the two nodes together on two interfaces with 
bonding mode 0 for replication and the other two as additional bonding 
interface for redundancy to serve data to the clients?


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