[Gluster-users] Storage Platform First Node Failure

Bala.JA bala at gluster.com
Tue Feb 23 18:49:42 UTC 2010


> So right now if the first server (management server) goes away there is no way to get the management console back up and running?


> Also, what does that mean for node failure?  If a node fails and is replaced with a different node what happens to the mirrored files?  Is there are way to specify when adding a node that it is to replace another failed one?

Node failure is that the machine is not able to connect to storage network and serve data.

Mirror type volume will keep serving full data from another server.  For example, a  mirror type volume involves six servers means three mirrored pairs and data is distributed across these pairs.  If a server is down, data is served by its mirror server.  If pair of server is down, data stored in those pair won't be available, but we get other data.

Upcoming 3.1 version will have dynamic volume, in which we can specify a replacement node.  In 3.0, there is no such option.



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