[Gluster-users] Performance and redundancy help

Arvids Godjuks arvids.godjuks at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 14:45:37 UTC 2010

GlusterFS in contrast to other clustering solutions is a client-side
clustering solution. You configure your clients to handle all the
distribution, replication and and other available functionality.
Client is modifying/reading/creating file and sends commands or the
file itself to the storage back-ends based on your configuration file.
Server-side handling is needed for task like healing if your servers
have much faster interconnections than clients.

2010/2/23 Chad <ccolumbu at hotmail.com>:
> Please forgive my ignorance, but I am not sure I understand about the client
> vs server side replication.
> Could someone throw out a quick paragraph describing the 2 and/or a pro/con
> list?
> If I do client side replication, how to I access the files on the servers?
> Am I relying on the clients to sync the data between the servers?
> There are times when no clients are up and the servers are "doing things" to
> the file system.
> Thanks.
> ^C

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