[Gluster-users] replicating storage for ESX problem

Romans Ščugarevs admin at alfalinks.lv
Sun Feb 14 13:02:44 UTC 2010

My configuration:
Two node(raid1) cluster based on glusterfs with NFS server.
The system is replicating nicely. Changes are synced. The storage is  
exported over NFS for vmware esx usage.
The problem is when I am using vmware ESX to create a VM on the NSF  
storage, the result is an empty unusable virtual disk. When I export  
some local ext3 from one of the nodes, correct 8GB VM disk is created.  
When I reexport the glusterfs mount, I 'm getting unusable VMs(almost  
zero size). I suppose it has something to do with so called thin  
provisioning over NFS.
Any advice is appreciated!


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