[Gluster-users] afr debug log

miloska at gmail.com miloska at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 11:54:59 UTC 2010

> What is meant by "background" self-heal is that reads to a file will not
> block while the self-heal is in progress. This feature is new in the 3.x
> releases.

Ah, thanks for clarifying this! The name 'non-blocking' would be maybe
better than background, but if no one else had this problem than the
problem is not on your side :)

Any hints about the problem that with the original, glusterfs-volgen
generated config (with writeback, readahead, etc) does not start
sef-healing for 'ls -lR', I need to  run this:

find /gtest/ -type f -exec ls -la {} > /dev/null \;



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