[Gluster-users] Problems with gluster and autofs

Phil Packer philp at layer3.co.uk
Tue Feb 9 13:19:19 UTC 2010

Hi, Vijay - no that patch didn't seem to affect things at all so I attach (hmm, hope they come through OK?) the state dumps as requested (I presume that the client only ones are what is needed, as the client never even gets as far as opening a connection to the server...)

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Hope this helps?



On 9 Feb 2010, at 11:30, Vijay Bellur wrote:

> Phil Packer wrote:
>> Additionally keeping that version of gluster and updating any of the other components also seems to break it, although I've not been able to test all the combinations - certainly the following set doesn't work either:
>> glusterfs-3.0.2-1
>> dkms-fuse-2.7.4-1.nodist.rf
>> fuse-2.7.4-8.el5
>> autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.131.el5_4.1
>> 2.6.18-164.11.1.el5
> Can you please try by patching glusterfs-3.0.2-1 with the following patch:
> http://patches.gluster.com/patch/2716/
> If it does not, please provide us the Gluster state dumps from client and server processes when the mount hangs. This can be triggered by sending SIGUSR1 (kill -USR1) to glusterfs pids. The files would be present at /tmp/glusterdump.<pid>.
> Thanks,
> Vijay

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