[Gluster-users] minor issue related to the server config doc

Daniel Maher dma+gluster at witbe.net
Wed Feb 3 14:26:17 UTC 2010

Hi all,

This is a minor issue related to the server config documentation on the 
Gluster website :

The documentation suggests using the gluster-volgen tool in order to 
create the configuration files (which works well enough), but then goes 
on to suggest that once the configurations have been generated that the 
next step is starting the glusterfsd service.

If you follow those steps precisely, it won't work - for example :

[root at s01 glusterfs]# service glusterfsd start
Starting glusterfsd:
/etc/glusterfs/glusterfsd.vol: No such file or directory
Try `/usr/sbin/glusterfsd --help' or `/usr/sbin/glusterfsd --usage' for 
more information.

Perhaps the documentation could be altered in order to note that either:
a) The generated configuration file needs to be renamed
b) The actual name of the configuration file needs to be passed to the 
daemon during startup (by editing the init script, for example)

It's a minor thing, but hey, clarity is important.

Daniel Maher <dma+gluster AT witbe DOT net>

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