[Gluster-users] how to optimize performance on server side

Gotwalt, P. peter.gotwalt at uci.ru.nl
Wed Dec 22 18:21:56 UTC 2010


What is the best practice in configuring the storage bricks. 

I have 4 nodes with each 4 disks. I want to have the best performance so
I will make a stripe of these 4 servers. But how can I get the best
performance out of each server? 

1 - Make a software stripe (with md raid0) over all the internal disks
and export this as 1 volume, and then
volume create performance-volume stripe 4 node1:/bigdisk node2:/bigdisk
node3:/bigdisk node4:/bigdisk

2 - Let gluster do the striping - make each disk a volume and let
glusterfs do the striping:
volume create performance-volume stripe 16 node1:/disk1 node1:/disk2 ...
node4:/disk3 node4:/disk4

Any best practices?

Peter Gotwalt

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