[Gluster-users] 3.1.x Setup: distributed replicated volumes across 6 servers, each with 24 drives

phil cryer phil at cryer.us
Tue Dec 21 22:38:06 UTC 2010

I have 6 servers, each with 24 drives, and I'm upgrading to 3.1.x and
want to redo my configuration from scratch. Really interested in some
of the new options and configurations in 3.1, so now I want to get it
setup right from the start. From this
I see this distributed, replicated, 6 server example:
# gluster volume create test-volume replica 2 transport tcp
server1:/exp1 server2:/exp2 server3:/exp3 server4:/exp4 server5:/exp5

Then from there I see an example more in line with what I'm trying to
do here, but using 4 nodes:
# #gluster volume create vol1 replica 2 transport tcp
server1:/mnt/array1 server2:/mnt/array1 server3:/mnt/array1
server4:/mnt/array1 server1:/mnt/array2 server2:/mnt/array2
server3:/mnt/array2 server4:/mnt/array2 server1:/mnt/array3
server2:/mnt/array3 server3:/mnt/array3 server4:/mnt/array3

So, if I have the following servers:

and all of my drives mounted under:

Should I issue a command like this to set it up:

gluster volume create dist-datastore replica 2 transport tcp /
clustr-01:/mnt/data01 clustr-02:/mnt/data01 clustr-03:/mnt/data01
clustr-04:/mnt/data01 clustr-05:/mnt/data01 clustr-06:/mnt/data01 /
clustr-01:/mnt/data02 clustr-02:/mnt/data02 clustr-03:/mnt/data02
clustr-04:/mnt/data02 clustr-05:/mnt/data02 clustr-06:/mnt/data02 /
clustr-01:/mnt/data03 clustr-02:/mnt/data03 clustr-03:/mnt/data03
clustr-04:/mnt/data03 clustr-05:/mnt/data03 clustr-06:/mnt/data03 /
clustr-01:/mnt/data24 clustr-02:/mnt/data24 clustr-03:/mnt/data24
clustr-04:/mnt/data24 clustr-05:/mnt/data24 clustr-06:/mnt/data24

So that each /mnt/dataxx is replicated and distributed across all 6 nodes?

Then, once this is completed successfully, how do I map all
/mnt/data01-24 to one mount point, say /mnt/cluster for example?
Before I would have added this to /etc/fstab and done `mount -a`
/etc/glusterfs/glusterfs.vol  /mnt/cluster  glusterfs  defaults  0  0

Is there a better way in 3.1.x, should I use mount.glusterfs or ?



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