[Gluster-users] Two bricks in one replicated volume, different sizes, what to do?

Vijay Bellur vijay at gluster.com
Tue Dec 21 16:26:51 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 21 December 2010 09:27 PM, Pierre-Luc Brunet wrote:
> Heya,
> I have one replicate gluster volume made of two bricks. Both servers are live and connected right now but to my surprise, they are reporting different Used/Available statistics. I don't seem to be running into any issues on the client ends but I'd like to know what's the safest way to sync all the files so that both volumes have the same content, without causing downtime to my file servers (preferably).
> I tried doing "ls -lahR * .*" on one of the client but it didn't get everything copied over.

Can you please trigger self-heal by following instructions at:



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