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Jacob Shucart jacob at gluster.com
Mon Dec 20 15:50:55 UTC 2010

Hello Pille,

Snapshot functionality is not currently built into Gluster.  You can,
however, take snapshots of the filesystems underneath Gluster.  In order
to get a consistent snapshot, things will have to be coordinated.  You can
use a tool such as PSSH to execute commands on multiple servers
simultaneously, so this may be somewhat effective for doing this.


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there was a thread some time ago asking whether there's a snapshot 
feature in glusterfs. however - it wasn't positively answered. just a 
pointer to implement it with a underlaying LVM.

so here i ask again: is it possible to create a snapshot view of a 
glusterfs? how can i do so?

if i'm doing it on the LVM level, how can i be sure to make the snapshot 
consistent on all replicated nodes?

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