[Gluster-users] Problems with Glusterfs and OpenVz

Alessandro Iurlano alessandro.iurlano at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 11:08:22 UTC 2010

Hello everybody

I am evaluating Gluster as storage backend for our virtualization
infrastructure but I am having problems using Glusterfs with OpenVZ.
What I want to do is to store OpenVZ containers on Glusterfs
filesystem and not to mount Glusterfs volumes from inside OpenVZ
containers that appears to be what everyone does, according to Google

Basically I have setup an OpenVZ server (with Proxmox) and a
replicated Glusterfs volume from that server and another debian
I have been able to create an OpenVZ container on the Glusterfs
filesystem without problems with the latest Glusterfs version 3.1.2qa1
(due to the mknod bug
http://bugs.gluster.com/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2145). But
whenever I start this new container it lasts only a couple of minutes
(just the time to boot and a couple commands) and then Glusterfs hangs
and I get the error Transport Endpoint is not connected.

The Gluster volume is not accessible anymore from the OpenVz server
(even though this server is a gluster server itself), the container
completely stops working and killing glusterfs processes does not help
to recover the situation. The only way is to reboot the machine.

This is an extract from an error log http://pastebin.com/66ipxbnA

Any suggestions?
Does anybody have any successful experience with OpenVZ and Gluster or
know of any howto / documentation?

Thanks in advance,

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