[Gluster-users] howto disable gluster nfs on one computer

William L. Sebok wls at astro.umd.edu
Thu Dec 9 17:08:44 UTC 2010

>   Adding an option to disable the Gluster NFS server is in the works 
> (http://bugs.gluster.com/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2094). 
> Previous versions of Gluster just re-exported the native client to a 
> uNFS or kNFS service. I think the closer integration may have resolved a 
> lot of these issues but I'll ask the engineer primarily responsible for 
> gNFS to take a look at this thread and respond directly.

Thank you for your work on this.

What I need is the ability to turn off gnfs on some computers in a volume but
not others.  In particular I currently need to have gnfs off on one computer
and on for at least one other computer (so the gluster volume can be exported
to where it is needed).  So far it looks to me like all settable options for
a volume are intended to apply to all computers in a volume.  I must be not
only one that sometimes needs a finer degree of control.

I think that at the moment I will try working around this by making sure that
knfs is brought up before gnfs on the computer that needs knfs and that knfs
export is disabled on the other computers in the volume so that gnfs is in
control.  This is ugly but at least I hope it will work.  Within the cluster I
will use the native gluster client wherever possible and nfs access (with
nfs.enable-ino32 enabled on the server) for the 32 bit diskless clients and
for the rest of the department.

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