[Gluster-users] NFS with UCARP vs. GlusterFS mount question

Christian Fischer christian.fischer at easterngraphics.com
Wed Dec 8 07:39:17 UTC 2010

Morning Folks,

should I prefer NFS with UCARP or native GlusterFS mounts for serving the 
system images to XCP?

Which one performes better over 1G network links?

NFS is probaby easier to setup due to existing tools like rpcinfo and 
showmount, both are used inside the storage container code, and there is some 
code for NFS, not for GlusterFS, except I write one.

UCARP has the disadvantage that the cluster IP is moved away from dead 
systems, not from dead gluster server daemons, IMHO.

What do you think about that?

Best Regards

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