[Gluster-users] howto disable gluster nfs on one computer

William L. Sebok wls at astro.umd.edu
Tue Dec 7 18:30:14 UTC 2010

Many of the computers in our cluster are diskless and those computers need to
have disk space exported to them.  The space for diskless booting is supplied
by a server within the cluster that does have disks and that also supplies a
couple of bricks to a glusterfs file system.  The space for diskless booting
is *not* within a glusterfs file system.  The servers for other bricks in
the cluster have no special nfs needs.  I need to be able to disable glusterfs
nfs on the server for diskless booting and no other server so I can have use
of the regular nfs server on that server.  How would I do that?  Is it even

Another solution, like moving the glusterfs nfs service to another port would
also be acceptable.  However I would likely still need have to have the
regular nfs service the one that portmap returns for that one server.

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