[Gluster-users] Start a new volume with pre-existing directories

Daniel Zander zander at ekp.uni-karlsruhe.de
Fri Dec 3 10:50:12 UTC 2010

Dear Craig,

I'm afraid I wasn't able to start a self heal the way you suggested. I 
tested the following:

I created on fs7:/storage/7
user_7_1  user_7_2  user_7_3

and on fs8:/storage/8
user_8_1  user_8_2  user_8_3

and filled all of the directories with some small files and subdirectories.

Then, on fs8:
gluster volume create heal_me transport tcp

Then on fs8 and afterwards on fs7:
mount -t glusterfs localhost:/heal_me /tempmount/
cd /tempmount
find . | xargs stat >>/dev/null 2>&1
umount /tempmount

All went well, no error messages or anything. The output of `find . | 
xargs stat` is probably too long to post it here, but there were no 
error messages or anything else that would look suspicious to me.

ls fs8:storage/8
user_8_1  user_8_2  user_8_3

ls fs7:/storage/7
user_7_1  user_7_2  user_7_3  user_8_1  user_8_2  user_8_3

ls client:/storage/gluster
user_8_1  user_8_2  user_8_3

ls fs7:/tempmount
user_8_1  user_8_2  user_8_3

ls fs8:/tempmount
user_8_1  user_8_2  user_8_3

Unmounting and remounting has no effect.

Servers are both Ubuntu Server 10.4, client is CentOS 5, 64bits all around.

Thanks and regards,

On 12/03/2010 10:10 AM, Craig Carl wrote:
> Daniel -
> If you want to export existing data you will need to run the self heal
> process so extended attributes can get written. While this should work
> without any issues it isn't an officially supported process, please make
> sure you have complete and up to date backups.
> After you have setup and started the Gluster volume mount it locally on
> one of the servers using `mount -t glusterfs localhost:/<volname> /<some
> temporary mount>`. CD into the root of the mount point and run `find . |
> xargs stat >>/dev/null 2>&1` to start a self heal.
> Also the command you used to create the volume should not have worked,
> it is missing a volume name - gluster volume create <VOLNAME> transport
> tcp fs7:/storage/7, fs8:/storage/8, typo maybe?
> Please let us know how it goes, and please let me know if you have any
> other questions.
> Thanks,
> Craig
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> On 12/02/2010 11:38 PM, Daniel Zander wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> at our institute, we currently have 6 file servers, each one of them
>> individually mounted via NFS on ~ 20 clients. The structure on the
>> servers and the clients is the following:
>> /storage/1/<user_directories> (NFS export from FS1)
>> /storage/2/<user_directories> (NFS export from FS2)
>> etc ...
>> Recently, we decided that we would like to migrate this to glusterFS,
>> so that we can have one big storage directory on the clients. Let's
>> call it
>> /gluster/<user_directories>
>> I tried to set up a gluster volume with two empty fileservers and it
>> worked without any problems. I could easily mount it on a client and
>> use it (using the native glusterFS mount).
>> If we now want to migrate the entire institute, it would be very
>> convenient, if existing folders could be easily included into a new
>> volume. I tried to do this, but I did not succeed.
>> Here's a short description of what I tried:
>> Existing folders:
>> on fs7: /storage/7/user_1,user_2
>> on fs8: /storage/8/user_3,user_4
>> gluster volume create transport tcp fs7:/storage/7, fs8:/storage/8
>> I hoped to see on the client:
>> /gluster/user_1
>> /gluster/user_2
>> /gluster/user_3
>> /gluster/user_4
>> The creation was successful, the volume could be started and mounted.
>> On the client, however, I could only find (via "ls /gluster") the
>> directories user_1 and user_2. But when I tried "cd /gluster/user_3",
>> it succeeded! Now "ls /gluster" showed me user_1, user_2 and user_3.
>> Unfortunately, user_3's subdirectories and files were still invisible,
>> but with the above mentioned trick, I could make them visible.
>> This is however not an option, as there are too much users and too
>> complicated file structures to do this manually. It anyhow seems like
>> Voodoo to me.
>> Is it possible to include all of the existing directories in the new
>> glusterFS volume? If yes: how?
>> Thank you in advance for your efforts,
>> Regards,
>> Daniel
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