[Gluster-users] Who's using Fedora in production on Glusterfs storage servers?

Mark "Naoki" Rogers mrogers at valuecommerce.co.jp
Thu Dec 2 02:48:01 UTC 2010

I'm using 3.1.1 on six bricks running F14+BTRFS. Been running looped 
benchmarks for a while and pushed/pulled over 110TB so far. I'm 
convinced it's stable but not entirely sure of the performance just yet.

On 12/02/2010 01:45 AM, Burnash, James wrote:
> How many people on the list are using Fedora 12 (or 13) in production for Glusterfs storage servers? I know that Gluster Platform uses Fedora 12 as its OS - I was thinking of building my new glusterfs storage servers using Fedora, and was wondering whether Fedora 13 was tested by Gluster for v 3.1.1 and what other people's experiences were.
> One of the reasons for my interest was so that I could use ext4 as the backend file store, instead of ext3.

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