[Gluster-users] Moving Gluster bricks around a cluster

Craig Carl craig at gluster.com
Fri Dec 3 05:48:28 UTC 2010

Pat -
     This is still doable, assuming the server you want to remove the 
brick from is server_old, the destination brick is server_new and the 
device being moved is /dev/sdc1 your process would be close to -

1. Stop client access to the brick.
2. gluster remove-brick <options> server_old:/dev/sdc1
3. Move the LUN.
4. gluster add-brick <options> server_new:/dev/sdc1

You data will be immediately available.



Craig Carl
Senior Systems Engineer

On 11/22/2010 09:38 PM, Patrick Irvine wrote:
> Hi list,
> I am using gluster 3.1 on gentoo.  I have previously been able (with 
> 3.0.x) to manually control when and on which host a gluster brick 
> comes up.  All my bricks are on iSCSI and hence transportable round 
> the cluster.  With 3.1 it seems that each brick is locked to a 
> particular host.  I have thought of manually using glusterfsd to start 
> a brick with out the glusterd process running.  But I am worried that 
> if glusterd should be started later that it might try and start a 
> second instance of that brick, or in some way clash with the all ready 
> running brick.
> Any ideas?
> Pat
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