[Gluster-users] Does gluster passes LAN boundaries?

Horacio Sanson hsanson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 06:15:49 UTC 2010

I have four gluster nodes with several volumes configured that work perfectly 
with all my clients (64bit and 32bit) on the LAN but I have a client in a 
different IP subnetwork that has trouble accessing the volumes.

I can mount the gluster volumes but issuing ls or df commands on the mount 
point hangs forever.

This is my configuration:
  4 Gluster Server Nodes:
       IP range: to
       OS:  Ubuntu 10.10 64bit
        Kernel: 2.6.35-22-server
        GlusterFS: 3.1.1-stable installed from deb package

   One client that works without problems
       OS: Ubuntu 10.10  32bit
        Kernel:  2.6.35-22-generic
        Gluster: 3.1.1-stable installed from source

   One client that does not work!!
      OS: Unbuntu 8.10 32 bit
      Kernel:  2.6.24-28-generic
      Gluster: 3.1.1-stable installed from source
      Problem: Can mount volumes but ls and df hang forever on the mount 

The differences between the client that works and the one that does not work 
are that they are in different networks and the kernel version. I can access 
via ssh/ping/etc to the problem client so it is not a networking problem.

Horacio Sanson

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