[Gluster-users] heavy metadata issues?

Moore, Michael Michael.Moore at lifetech.com
Wed Apr 28 14:36:13 UTC 2010

Hi Joe,

  We've been seeing the same thing here with several GlusterFS setups.  It is really bad with GigE under load.  From looking at our setups, it appears to be a network latency/contention issue.  It is definitely not a disk contention issue as there is not a lot of load on the disks at the time of the metadata performance issues.

  Like you, we've tried a number of different combinations to help improve the performance.  statprefetch will help with subsequent accesses to the same metadata, but it doesn't help with the initial access.

  We have not tried Infiniband yet to see if it improves the performance, but I am concerned that in a high IOps environment (like we run here), that even IB will not be able to sustain performance.

- Mike

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Hi folks

  Seeing some metadata slowdowns in some cases on GlusterFS 3.0.3. 
These metadata slowdowns manifest in terms of long ls, long stat, long 
rm times for directories with a few thousand files.

  We tried statprefetch at the end of the stack, as well as right after 
the protocol/client, tried increasing read-ahead, etc.

  Is there anything in particular we should be looking to do, in order 
to get reasonable metadata performance under load?



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