[Gluster-users] xen image on glusterfs

Nick Birkett nick at streamline-computing.com
Tue Apr 27 10:12:23 UTC 2010

I tried installing a xen disk image to glusterfs : version 3.0.4. 
Transport  tcp (Gbit).

Glusterfs works fine with other applications. Iozone reports 110Mbytes/s 
read / write.

I copied and existing  xen disk image to glusterfs as root.

[root at xenbox xen]# ls /data1/vm/xen/SL54/sl54.img
[root at xenbox xen]# xm create -c sl54.data1
Using config file "./sl54.data1".

Hangs at the booting stage.

If I copy the sl54.img to local disk, then vm boots ok.

Also noted if I use RedHat virt-manager to kickstart a new vm, network 
dies at loading xenblck driver
when the image directory is on glusterfs.

I know xen does some wierd network things.

Perhaps some resource conflicts ?


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