[Gluster-users] Memory usage high on server sides

Chris Jin chris at pikicentral.com
Thu Apr 15 02:22:35 UTC 2010

Hi Krzysztof,
Thanks for your replies. And you are right, the server process should be
glusterfsd. But I did mean servers. After two days copying, the two
processes took almost 70% of the total memory. I am just thinking one
more process will bring our servers down.

$ps auxf
root     26472  2.2 29.1 718100 600260 ?       Ssl  Apr09 184:09
glusterfsd -f /etc/glusterfs/servers/r2/f1.vol
root     26485  1.8 39.8 887744 821384 ?       Ssl  Apr09 157:16
glusterfsd -f /etc/glusterfs/servers/r2/f2.vol

At the meantime, the client side seems OK.

$ps auxf
root     19692  1.3  0.0 262148  6980 ?        Ssl  Apr12
61:33 /sbin/glusterfs --log-level=NORMAL
--volfile=/u2/git/modules/shared/glusterfs/clients/r2/c2.vol /gfs/r2/f2

Any ideas?

On Wed, 2010-04-14 at 10:16 +0200, Krzysztof Strasburger wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 06:33:15AM +0200, Krzysztof Strasburger wrote:
> > On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 09:22:09AM +1000, Chris Jin wrote:
> > > Hi, I got one more test today. The copying has already run for 24 hours
> > > and the memory usage is about 800MB, 39.4% of the total. But there is no
> > > external IP connection error. Is this a memory leak?
> > Seems to be, and a very persistent one. Present in glusterfs at least 
> > since version 1.3 (the oldest I used).
> > Krzysztof
> I corrected the subject, as the memory usage is high on the client side
> (glusterfs is the client process, glusterfsd is the server and it never
> used that lot of memory on my site).
> I did some more tests with logging. Accordingly to my old valgrind report,
> huge amounts of memory were still in use at exit, and these were allocated
> in __inode_create and __dentry_create. So I added log points in these functions
> and performed the "du test", ie. mounted the glusterfs directory containing
> a large number of files with log level set to TRACE , ran du on it,
> then echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches, waiting a while until the log file
> stopped growing, finally umounted and checked the (huge) logfile:
> prkom13:~# grep inode_create /var/log/glusterfs/root-loop-test.log |wc -l
> 151317
> prkom13:~# grep inode_destroy /var/log/glusterfs/root-loop-test.log |wc -l
> 151316
> prkom13:~# grep dentry_create /var/log/glusterfs/root-loop-test.log |wc -l
> 158688
> prkom13:~# grep dentry_unset /var/log/glusterfs/root-loop-test.log |wc -l
> 158688
> Do you see? Everything seems to be OK, a number of inodes created, 1 less
> destroyed (probably the root inode), same number of dentries created and
> destroyed. The memory should be freed (there are calls to free in inode_destroy
> and dentry_unset functions), but it is not. Any ideas, what is going on?
> Glusterfs developers - is something kept in the lists, where inodes
> and dentries live, and interleaved with these inodes and entries, so that
> no memory page can be unmapped? 
> We should also look at the kernel - why it does not send forgets immediately,
> even with drop_caches=3?
> Krzysztof
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