[Gluster-users] Maintainance mode for bricks

Fred Stober fred.stober at kit.edu
Wed Apr 14 13:30:56 UTC 2010

Dear Tejas,

On Wednesday 14 April 2010, Tejas N. Bhise wrote:
> ok .. so if I understand correctly, you want to *replace* an existing
> export by a new export on a new machine, while keeping all data online and
> keep the source export of the replace in read mode so it can be copied off.

> Are there other processes also doing a read off the read only
> export/sub-volume, besides the rsync ?
Yes, there is some activity ...

The goal is to keep the whole process as transparent to the users which 
read/write to the flat space as possible. Since our users mostly have a 
write-once read-many usage pattern, it should be possible to keep them happy.


Fred-Markus Stober
stober at cern.ch
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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