[Gluster-users] No space left on device (when there is actually lots of free space)

Kali Hernandez kali at thenetcircle.com
Tue Apr 6 06:54:42 UTC 2010

On 04/06/2010 02:32 PM, Amar Tumballi wrote:
>     /usr/lib64/glusterfs/3.0.3/xlator/cluster/stripe.so(stripe_stack_unwind_inode_cbk+0x1aa)[0x7f49e0de19ba]
>     /usr/lib64/glusterfs/3.0.3/xlator/cluster/replicate.so(afr_mkdir_unwind+0x113)[0x7f49e0ffa4c3]
>     /usr/lib64/glusterfs/3.0.3/xlator/cluster/replicate.so(afr_mkdir_wind_cbk+0xbe)[0x7f49e0ffb1de]
>     /usr/lib64/glusterfs/3.0.3/xlator/protocol/client.so(client_mkdir_cbk+0x405)[0x7f49e1242d35]
> I can see that you have used 'cluster/replicate' as subvolume of 
> 'cluster/stripe' in the volume file. This setup is not supported with 
> GlusterFS as of now. (Both RAID 10, or RAID 01 are not supported).
> Please use volume files generated by 'glusterfs-volgen' tool.
> Regards,
> Amar

Well, to me it _does_ work, meaning I can see the paired and mirrored 
nodes are having all the same copies of the files, and the same disk 
usage. If one node goes down for some reason I can recover the info from 
the mirrored pair.

The reason for this error seems to be related to what Krzysztof replied 
in this same thread.


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