[Gluster-users] Bug 246

Pavan Vilas Sondur pavan at gluster.com
Thu Sep 24 09:18:44 UTC 2009

Hi Ran,
MySQL does work on GlusterFS very well. The issue in Bug 246 is that two mysql server processes do not work well if they share the same (even mirrored) data directories. Since this is a MySQL limitation - Bug 246 has been closed. However feel free to report to us if MySQL does work with shared data directories between he server processes elsewhere.


On 24/09/09 09:39 +0300, Ran wrote:
> Hello ,
> Anybody knows if this bug effect Gluster as MySQL data directory in
> MySQL cluster setup in gluster distirbute only setup(no replicate) ?
> and if there any timeline regarding this bug , unable to lock files
> for mysql clusters is a big issue .
> Thanks ,
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