[Gluster-users] The continuing story ...

David Saez Padros david at ols.es
Wed Sep 9 07:17:37 UTC 2009


> I would like to politely disagree with your final statement. In a
> previous thread we have indeed promised that we will be fixing the
> timeout techniques to take into consideration the situation where the
> backend fs is hanging so that the entire glusterfs volume does not
> become unusable.

i'm not talking about this problem, i'm talking about server hangs

> As far as debugging the system hang is concerned, you need to be
> looking for kernel logs and dmesg output. You really are wasting your
> time trying to debug a kernel fs hang by looking for logs from a user
> application. The kernel oops backtrace shows you exactly where the
> kernel is locking up.

there is no oops backtrace and nothing in logs that could say what
is happening apaprt from the pcu stuck messages

> get the
> kernel backtrace from a serial console and you will be just one step
> from your solution.

we don't have the chance to do that, our servers are now in production
mode and we cannot push them again to the conditions that produce the

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