[Gluster-users] Newbie questions :-)

Philipp Huber philipp.huber68 at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 4 18:09:36 UTC 2009

Hi guys,


My first post, so sorry if it is something that was covered before. I read
quite a bit of the documentation and archived posts, but couldn't find the


1)      Can I configure GlusterFS so it can withstand a complete 'brick'
failure without users loosing access to their data?

2)      If Yes, can I configure how many redundant copies of the files are
store, e.g. 2x, 3x? 

3)      Can I control the amount of replication per user?

4)      Is it correct to assume that after a failed 'brick' comes back
online, the auto-heal functionality will take care of the re-sync'ing?

5)      As GlusterFS stores Metadata along with the normal data, what is the
capacity overhead in %?


Any feedback is hugely appreciated.


Phil Huber


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