[Gluster-users] Regarding Moving a file

Paras Fadte plfgoa at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 07:07:21 UTC 2009


I am faced with an issue of following type:

Primary Vol1  acting as client and server with mount point
/mnt/glusterfs and with data dir as /home/data

Secondary Vol2 acting as  server with data dir as  /home/data

Have created a symlink "data" under /mnt/ pointing to glusterfs  on vol1

vol1:/mnt # ls -l

data -> glusterfs/

Now , /home/data is mounted on some other machine using nfs say
machine "C"  and some scripts access it . When I create a file on
machine C under mounted partition /home/data it creates file on vol1
and vol2 . Problem occurs when I move a file to some other name on
Machine C from /home/data  , it creates a new file on vol2 but the old
file remains as it is . This doesn't happen when I move a file to some
other name from Vol1 . The setup sounds ungainly but is there any
suggestion that could resolve this issue ?

Thank you.


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