[Gluster-users] RAID-10-like with glusterfs?

Daniel Maher dma+gluster at witbe.net
Tue Oct 13 07:32:22 UTC 2009

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:

> (10 TB)  s1 -AFR- s2\
> (10 TB)  s3 -AFR- s4---- big filesystem --- clients
> (10 TB)  s5 -AFR- s6/
> I would like to start with only two servers (s1 and s2) making 10 TB 
> storage.
> Later, I will add s3 and s4, increasing the storage to 20 TB (visible as 
> one filesystem to the clients). And so on.
> Can I achieve something like this with glusterfs?
> I checked the docs briefly, but there, I only found AFR example where a 
> copy is stored on each and every server, which does not use the space 
> very efficiently in my usage scenario.
> Is my above example possible with glusterfs? I'm new to glusterfs, so 
> it's possible I didn't see a useful example in the docs - I would be 
> glad if someone could provide me a pointer.

Something like this, perhaps ?



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