[Gluster-users] 2.1 xen direct io

samppah at neutraali.net samppah at neutraali.net
Mon Oct 12 09:20:45 UTC 2009

>> 2.1 RC1 is scheduled on 19th Oct. You will need 2.6.26+ kernel for the
>> performance enhancements. There are no custom kernel fuse modules from
>> 2.6.26 onwards. 2.6.18 will still need --disable-direct-io mode. Let
>> me get back to you with the tap:aio answer.
>So what kernel are you guys running on? Are you testing on a xen dom0

I was able to use Xen images in file mode without using
--disable-direct-io-mode when running Fedora 12 alpha with kernel and Git version of GlusterFS.
Unfortunately, I had to disable all performance translators on client side
because using them crashed the client even when running ls.

I also tried with tap:aio and it got bit further than before. Instead of
hanging domU it gave me timeout error when trying to connect to the


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