[Gluster-users] Huge number of files in a single directory

"Fábio Jr." fjuniorlista at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 19:23:24 UTC 2009


I serve static content with an Apache server, and store the files in a 
storage server, wich is mounted in the webserver via NFS. 95% of the 
files that I serve are images, and the format of the file name is 

I have these images all together in a single directory, and there was 
about 4 million files in this folder.

I wanto to change this directory structure to something more secure and 
dynamic, to permit an easier way to scale and backup these files.

My questions are:

- When the quantity of files will start to become a bottleneck for my 
filesystem? ( they are stored in partition with ext3)

- The glusterfs can handle with such kind of situation, with many files 
in a single directory?


   Fábio Jr.

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