[Gluster-users] Real interesting

Vijay Bellur vijay at gluster.com
Mon Oct 5 12:34:36 UTC 2009

Ran wrote:
> Hello list .
> I was just wondering if there is someone on this list that
> was able to run gluster servers (4 servers) for a complete 1 week
> without having 1 glusterfsd server crash for no good resone
Can you please share the configuration and workload that you are using? 
We have several servers that run for days without a problem.

> There are so many types of servers coplex(e.g apache) and other simple ones
> that work high loads without crashing for years
> why glusterfs crashing soo much ?
It may be related to configuration. We would appreciate if you could 
share the backtraces or help us in fixing these problems by logging bugs 
at http://bugs.gluster.com


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