[Gluster-users] Poor performance

Andre Felipe Machado andremachado at techforce.com.br
Fri Nov 27 17:28:28 UTC 2009

For modern hw and fast networks, you could consider under 1M as small files.
These sum up to 60% of your load.
If you have state of art cpu and well configured high end SAN devices, tuned
underlying filesystems, and FC networks, "small files" could be 50M or even more.
Small files are those that fuse handshaking and glusterfs protocol negotiation
represent more than 10% TIME, at practical use.
As written at the linked article, you must know your hw, network and app
behaviour in order to tune glusterfs performance for THAT setup.
For example, increasing "too much" the cache expiration time could lead to
disastrous disk storms. "too little" and your performance suffer.
"Too much" depends of your environment.
Andre Felipe Machado

Andoni -  wrote ..
> Thanks for tje reply:
> I undestand that my environment not have much more small files:
> 32k.file 40%
> 500k.file 30%
> 5m.file 15%
> 256k.file 10%
> 50m.file 5%

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