[Gluster-users] Replication does not replicate the reference node on crash

joel vennin joel.vennin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 12:51:20 UTC 2009

Hi ! I'm continuing to test glusterfs,

I've a strange problem us replication in fact. My setup is prety easy, i've
3 nodes, and I want to make replication through this 3 nodes

Basic configuration:

volume mega-replicator
       type       cluster/replicate
       subvolumes zbrick1 zbrick2 zbrick3

The scenario:

1) I copy data to the gluster mount point: -> Data is copied on the 3 nodes
2) I kill zbrick2 glusterfs, I erase data on zbrick2, I remount glusterfs
mount point, do a ls -Rl on the mount point, data is replicated to zbrick2
3) I do exactly the same thing with zbrick1, when I mount again the zbrick1,
I do a ls -Rl on the mount point and there is nothing, the directory is
    So I do a ls -Rl on the zbrick2 and on zbrick3, and I get the same
result, nothing on the mount point.
    Why ?

Note: that I use the latest version from the git repository.


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