[Gluster-users] nufa and missing files

Patrick Ruckstuhl patrick at tario.org
Wed May 20 19:01:42 UTC 2009

Hi Todd,

> Thanks to Patrick Ruckstuhl for the "me too" response.  Surely this must
> be a problem for other gluster users too.
> I didn't bother trying to find Patrick's past messages since I vaguely
> recall reading them previously and the gluster mailing list archive is
> not easily searchable as far as I know.

My message is here


> Anyway, what Patrick said below was enough for me to come up with a
> procedure for getting us out of this mess.  I wrote a little script to
> walk through the directory trees on the various local filesystems that
> comprise the nufa volume, find files that do not exist in the nufa
> volume, and run a mv command for each of those files.  As Patrick said,
> for each of these mv commands I got a "file exists" response and then
> the file was visible in the gluster nufa volume.
> Other than what I've done with this script, is there any more automated
> way of keeping a gluster nufa volume from getting into this state or
> repairing it when it does?
> I assume that the only way this can happen is when files are copied to
> a subvolume filesystem instead of to the nufa volume.  Is that correct?
> Patrick, does that agree with your experience?

In my case I'm not using nufa but dht, and I'm almost completely
certain, that all file operations were done on the gluster volume and
never on the local file system, but I'm also quite sure that there was a
split between the two dht nodes I'm using. Other than that the errors
and situation looks the same.


> -- 
> Todd Pfaff <pfaff at mcmaster.ca>
> http://www.rhpcs.mcmaster.ca/
> On Tue, 19 May 2009, Patrick Ruckstuhl wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> We're using gluster-2.0.1 and a nufa volume comprised of thirteen
>>> subvolumes across thirteen hosts.
>>> We've found today that there are some files in the local filesystem
>>> associated with the subvolume from one of the hosts that are not
>>> being seen in the nufa volume on any gluster client.
>>> I don't know how or when this happened, but now we have to do some
>>> work to get this gluster volume back into a sane state.
>>> Is there a recommended procedure for fixing this particular problem?
>>> That is, making all files that are found in all subvolume filesystems
>>> be seen within the gluster nufa volume?
>> That looks exactly like the same problem I have. In my case it results
>> in a "Can not move, file exists"
>> (See my earlier report for details including config and setup)
>> Gruss
>> Patrick

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