[Gluster-users] nufa and missing files

Todd Pfaff pfaff at mcmaster.ca
Tue May 19 18:12:21 UTC 2009

We're using gluster-2.0.1 and a nufa volume comprised of thirteen
subvolumes across thirteen hosts.

We've found today that there are some files in the local filesystem
associated with the subvolume from one of the hosts that are not
being seen in the nufa volume on any gluster client.

I don't know how or when this happened, but now we have to do some
work to get this gluster volume back into a sane state.

Is there a recommended procedure for fixing this particular problem?
That is, making all files that are found in all subvolume filesystems
be seen within the gluster nufa volume?

Todd Pfaff <pfaff at mcmaster.ca>

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