[Gluster-users] rm -rf errors

Sacerdoti, Federico Federico.Sacerdoti at DEShawResearch.com
Thu May 7 15:21:16 UTC 2009


I am evaluating glusterfs and have seen some strange behavior with
remove. I have gluster/2.0.0rc4 setup on 10 linux nodes connected with
GigE. The config is Nufa/fuse with one storage brick per server, as seen
in the attached nufa.vol config file, which I use for both clients and

My experiment is to launch 10 parallel writers, each of whom writes
32GiB worth of data in small files (2MB) to a shared gluster-fuse
mounted filesystem. The files are named uniquely per client, so each
file is only written once. This worked well, and I am seeing performance
close to that of native disk, even with 8-writers per node.

However when I do a parallel "rm -rf writedir/" on the 10 nodes, where
writedir is the directory written in by the parallel writers described
above, I see strange effects. There are 69,000 UNLINK errors in the
glusterfsd.log of one server, in the form shown below. This alone is not
surprising as the operation is ocurring in parallel. However the remove
took much longer than expected, 92min, and more surprisingly the rm
command exited 0 but files remained in the writedir!

I ran rm -rf writedir from a single client, and it too exited 0 but left
the writedir non-empty. Is this expected?


--From glusterfsd.log--
2009-05-04 11:35:15 E [fuse-bridge.c:964:fuse_unlink_cbk]
glusterfs-fuse: 5764889: UNLINK() /write.2MB.runid1.p1/5 => -1 (No such
file or directory)
2009-05-04 11:35:15 E [dht-common.c:1294:dht_err_cbk] nufa: subvolume
drdan0192 returned -1 (No such file or directory)
2009-05-04 11:35:15 E [fuse-bridge.c:964:fuse_unlink_cbk]
glusterfs-fuse: 5764894: UNLINK() /write.2MB.runid1.p1/51 => -1 (No such
file or directory)
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