[Gluster-users] Backing up glusterfs files using LVM snapshot

Chandranshu . chandranshu at gmail.com
Wed May 6 08:55:31 UTC 2009


We have recently set up bacula to backup our databases and some local
storages on some machines. For backing up the files that we keep on
GlusterFS, we plan to directly take a snapshot of the ext3 file system
(which is exported by the glusterfs server) and then backup this snapshot
using bacula.

I have following questions in this regard:

1. Are there any potential pitfalls of accessing the ext3 files through LVM
(i.e. not through glusterfs client)? Any preventive measures suggested for
the same?

2. What is the recommended method for backing up GlusterFS files? Is there
any built-in support for the same?

If you have setup GlusterFS and have also setup a backup system, could you
please also share your scheme?

Thanks and regards
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