[Gluster-users] Using gluster for a CDN

Ugo PARSI ugo.parsi at gmail.com
Mon May 4 08:16:37 UTC 2009


I'm totally new to this project, but it seems really great !
I have tried a lot of clustered and network file systems, and most of
them were unreliable due to their complex mechanisms, I really like
this simpler design.

I'm currently building a CDN in order to serve static files all over
the world for my services.
The DNS and load-balancing part is complete, but I'm currently stuck
at the point of synchronizing and spreading the files.

Gluster would seem to do the job perfectly, right ?
But my question is more about the network latency.... is there any way
to specify some geographical or routing informations with it ?

For example I would like to achieve the following configuration :

Datacenter A - Paris, FR
Datacenter B - Chicago, US
Datacenter C - Auckland, NZ

Storage Servers A, B, C are synchronized (mirror) with each others .
But clients of Datacenter A, only use Storage A, clients of B, use
Storage B, etc.... in order to get a good latency to access the files.

Is this possible and suitable ?

Thanks a lot,


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