[Gluster-users] Zimbra Email Server Setup / General Questions

Drew A. Friestedt dfriestedt at kelmitgroup.com
Tue Mar 24 01:16:49 UTC 2009

I've done some reading on the web site and message board and think Gluster
can do what I'm looking for, but wanted to ask a few questions before I
spend time on a setup. 

1) I run my zimbra server with three mount points - /opt/zimbra (this is
the software and primary mail store) on RAID 10, /opt/zimbra/secondary
(this is the email store that holds messages older than 30 days) on RAID
6, and finally /opt/zimbra/backup (30 days of full and incremental
backups) on RAID 5 - I do incremental backups every 15 minutes, so I keep
this off the other drives.  This is all on one server with 16 drives.  Is
there any reason I can't setup Gluster with three different mount points
on one server (one mount point each for the RAID 10, 6, and 5 arrays) that
are mirrored to the second server (obviously with the same RAID setup)? 

2) I intend to setup Gluster as server & client on each machine and will
install Zimbra on both.  Zimbra will be active on one and passive on the
other.  If the active machine crashes I'd manually activate zimbra on the
passive machine and mount the three drives.  Is there anything wrong with
this thought process?  Has anyone used Heartbeat with Gluster to bring a
second client online automatically?   

3) Are there any performance issues I should be aware of before I consider
hosting an email server on GlusterFS (i.e. is the small file size an

4) Does anyone have experience running an email server (with 1000 + users)
on Gluster and if so, has it been positive?




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