[Gluster-users] Pending fcntl locks found!

Keith Freedman freedman at FreeFormIT.com
Mon Mar 16 16:50:06 UTC 2009

At 04:06 AM 3/16/2009, Vikas Gorur wrote:
>2009/3/14 Keith Freedman <freedman at freeformit.com>:
> > all of a sudden, I'm getting messages such as this:
> >
> > 2009-03-13 23:14:06 C [posix.c:709:pl_forget] posix-locks-home1: Pending
> > fcntl locks found!
> >
> > and some processes are hanging waiting presumably for the locks?
> > any way to find out what files are being locked and unlock them.
> > restarting gluster doesn't seem to solve the problem.
>Are you using any applications that hold POSIX fcntl locks? Try
>running the server in debug mode --- then you can find out which files
>are being locked/not unlocked, etc.

well, I'm sure I am, I've no idea really, there are some php scripts 
which seem to hang and some python programs.

however, this problem only manifested itself when I upgraded to rc4 
and the new fuse-2.7.4glfs11

so something must be significantly different about how those (or that 
combination) handles locks.

Also, debug mode wont really solve the problem, cause knowing what 
exact file is the problem, isn't going to help because that wont 
really tell me how to prevent this from happening.  Clearly one side 
should get the lock and one should wait, rather than both servers in 
the replicate pair just hanging on the same file?

in addition, ERROR mode logging should log enough related information 
to know this stuff (this is an enhancement request :) )

>Engineer - Z Research

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