[Gluster-users] webserver setup with 6 nodes

Christian Meisinger eM_gotcha at gmx.net
Tue Mar 10 11:38:49 UTC 2009

>> i've tested layout 1 with 4 nodes, shutdown GLFS, added
>> node5-replicate-node6 to the distrubite translator and started
>> again. files were ok but i got alot of GLFS errors in the log files.
>> can i safely ignore them?
> it depends on which errors they are..  you'd have to use your judgement.
> whenever I know a node has failed in an AFR pair, I typicall turn on
> "favorite-child" in the other one, remount, then bring up the down
> server.  then run ls -lR  on the server that didn't crash.
> once done, remount without favorite child.   but this way you don't get
> the i/o errors (although I think those are fixed in Rc3 or 4) you might
> be seeing.

ah ok... i will try this.

another question for my testing:
- i start GLFS with 4 nodes (dist - repl+repl)
- on node5 and 6 i change the volume file
- then i start node5 and 6 (now the layout is dist - repl+repl+repl)
  i guess that's not recommended :)
  although it seem to work somehow.

btw. the manual says with GLFS 1.3.x and higher server and client binary are the same file.
does that mean i can write everything in one volumen file and start only one glusterfs binary?


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